A Call for Action. A Call for Entries.

New Deadline: December 31, 2021

Inspired by our best-selling Posters for Change (2018), Princeton Architectural Press invites artists and designers to make an urgent statement—a visual plea on behalf of our planet. Poster designs on any topic related to climate change, from dire warnings to inspirational calls to action, may be submitted for possible inclusion in Posters for the Planet (Fall 2022).

We will select fifty posters to be included in the book, each one by a different artist (who will be duly credited for their work). Each poster will be printed with a perforated edge for easy tear-out and display. The paper for this book will be FSC certified, ensuring it’s made from responsible sources. Partial proceeds will be donated to four climate change organizations.

UPDATE: We saw and heard your feedback on our call for entries. We thank you for opening this important dialogue on artist compensation. Please accept our apology. Our team took this feedback to heart and had an internal discussion about it, and have increased the honorarium: each entrant whose poster is selected and included in Posters for the Planet will get a single page full credit and bio next to their printed work, $100, a $50 credit for our website, and a copy of the book.

Executive Editor Jennifer Thompson would like to share with you the larger context for the book:

“This collection of climate change protest posters aims to empower many voices and create a platform that allows people to take a stand via the age-old, analog process of making protest posters, which would, in turn, empower others to take those posters into the streets. Climate change is a dire topic in need of raised voices—and protest posters, as was amply demonstrated at this month’s COP26 UN Climate Change Conference. Our intention is to publish a book that would equip people with the visual tools to send a message on behalf of the planet. We hope people with a wide range of interests and areas of expertise enter posters for this project.”

This is a global call for entries.

Anyone can enter. There is no fee.

Selected posters will be published in a new book from PAPress.

As mentioned above, partial proceeds from Posters for the Planet will go to four climate-related nonprofit organizations. We will announce these organizations on December 1.

In our initial call for entries, we also erred in setting a tight deadline for submissions, which may limit those who can enter given other responsibilities, so we are extending the poster submission deadline to December 31, 2021.

TO ENTER: please complete this Google form and upload your posters. The form will prompt you for your contact information, a 100-word bio, low-resolution image files, and image titles.

For any other questions, please reach out to posters@papress.com.

Thank you,
The Princeton Architectural Press team

Please be sure to follow our entry requirements:

New Deadline: December 31, 2021


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